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Joomla changed my life

In 2007, I was just a frontend developer that used to build websites as a freelancer.I met Joomla for the first time when I was a trainee - Joomla was still in first version - and I realized it was a tool with big potential. I became a Joomla specialist and then I created a course in Recife city (Pernambuco...

One hijab and one passion

I believe there is some kind of prejudice from some male IT professional against women that work in technology areas. Fortunately, I do not feel the effects of any such prejudice, because I believe that adopt an appropriate posture in the corporate dealings, but also try to be polite in technical operational matters, either with men or women. In general, I...

Thoughts of me taking a shower. What?

  Although IT was not my gratuation area in University, I have been working with it for 6 years. I started with a personal blog and in the same year, I was responsible for developing a solution on my company intranet. From then on, I never stopped to structure and develop IT solutions and teach users to do the same, always...

Joomleiras have brave life

  Many who know one joomleira think, "that cool! Woman in a male environment!". Unfortunately it is not so cool ... For many personal experiences in various work environments, dealing with men "in their territory" is a challenge, mainly because, although many already have opened their minds and see women in a positive way "competing "with them in the same space...

We support Joomla Women

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